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Persona-Based Testing: Introduction

Persona Based Testing

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The Persona-based approach takes testing to a whole new level by considering testing from the customer’s perspective rather than relating testing solely to a defined set of requirements.

Persona-based testing is a highly efficient system that was consistently and practically proven in mission critical environments.

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In December 2012
WebBased $99.00 $90.00
Persona Based Testing (PBT) puts testers in the customer’s shoes like never before in order to enhance testing coverage with the ultimate goal of not only meeting customer expectations, but exceeding them.
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Baljeet Bilkhu has a wide range of experience as a software test lead and test manager. Baljeet’s career includes more than sixteen years in information technology with a focus on testing, compliance, reporting and quality management.

Baljeet is also a co-inventor of a patent related to automated testing (US Patent 7433804) and patent publication US 2007/0162548A1. He has enabled leadership to objectively measure the success and continuous improvement of the software testing process.

Baljeet Bilkhu can be reached at

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