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Make Lean Happen

Managing Change
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Online Resources
Enterprise Lean Transformation - the Change is Never Over by Hemant Gham
Make Lean Happen Webinar recording
Test your understanding of Lean Culture
A collection of Business Process Improvement tools for Quality Professionals.
The course is intended for individuals or professionals working as auditors, assessors, and champions who are assigned to lead change initiatives or individuals who are working in organizations which have recently introduced a Lean program and expect changes in processes, infrastructure and culture. The course covers all aspects of change and helps leaders and employees successfully grasp fundamental elements, tools and techniques of Lean transformation. The course is not intended to teach how to downsize the organization or reduce costs that negatively impact human development. The course addresses all the elements of change and teaches how an organization can best make use of its resources and technology to resolve issues during its transformation to a leaner organization.
We issue Certificates that are accepted by IRCA and RABQSA as evidence of continual professional development.
Self-Paced Price (USD)
WebBased $449.00  
The main objective of the course is to teach the audience the most effective and proven ways to embrace Lean initiative, help champions or sponsors develop the supporting infrastructure and contribute to the organization's overall goals. The course is expected to provide the audience with examples and case studies that have helped several leading organizations, which implemented Lean, achieve significant improvements in productivity, delivery / lead time, cost and human development.
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Hemant Gham is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and a Director/Owner of an Enterprise Lean Six Sigma Management Consulting company.
Hemant’s areas of expertise include Strategic Planning, Business Process Improvement, Lean, Six Sigma. He has successfully deployed number of enterprise-level Lean Six Sigma programs in various companies as well as mentored and managed complex, large-scale cross-functional projects utilizing Lean, Six Sigma, Change Acceleration Process in manufacturing, software, public sector, IT and telecommunication industries. Hemant spearheaded many initiatives that required detailed assessments at Strategy, Operations and Process levels. He initiated and managed several business transformations in leading private and public organizations. Hemant has been helping these organizations improve their business performance through incremental and radical changes to business processes. Hemant is also a facilitator and has experience building custom tools specific to program needs that enable smooth transition of a business from current state to new state. He has authored an Idea Management System that helps business leaders align and prioritize their mission critical projects and activities. Hemant has been an ASQ member since 2007.
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