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New! System of Inertia Control. Alternative Voltage

This book will benefit Energy management system interested parties, students studying Electrical Engineering as well as professional Engineers.
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51 pages PDF document includes:
  • The scheme of a single-phase voltage regulator and its explanation.
  • The scheme of a multiphase voltage regulator and its explanation.
  • Method of using a thyristor voltage regulator as an active filter of higher harmonics.
  • Method of instantaneous reactive power compensation.
  • Method of transmitting information on the transmission line.
  • High quality diagrams.
Voltage deviation is one of the major problems in power supply systems of industrial enterprises. Its solution is a priority task in the design of power supply systems. The way to improve voltage quality is using of semiconductor devices, that will eliminate several disadvantages of mechanical switching device (low speed, low resource), but leave its main advantage, i.e. sinusoidal nature of voltage curve form. The possibility of using semiconductor devices to perform switching without distortion sinusoid in the time of passing zero, that will allow to eliminate the major drawback of mechanical switches their discreteness.
This allows to create voltage stabilizers of any degree of accuracy, based on the principle of discrete control by switching transformer unsolders without breaking the current and distorting voltage curve. This explains the set of development directions both in this country and abroad aimed at replacement of contactor switch at currently working RUL (regulation under load) devices on thyristor.
The book provides a systematic approach to voltage regulation that will allow increasing economic performance of energy sources. The most promising is the regulation method acting on voltage and reactive power.
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About the author

Volodymyr Shesterenko Volodymyr Shesterenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences
V. Shesterenko is a professor of the Department of Electrical Power Supply and Energy Management at the National University of Food Technologies of Ukraine.
He has 50 years of experience in working and researching in Semiconductor Industry.
  • 40 years of University students’ teaching
  • 108 patents
  • Published 5 books and more than 300 articles
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