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19th Annual ASQ Audit Division Pre-Conference Tutorials
Natalia Scriabina is conducting two day tutorial at this year's Audit Division Conference:
TUT 5 – ISO 9004:2009 in Practice (Tues Oct 5th & Wed Oct 6th):
The new international standard ISO 9004:2009 “Managing for the sustained success of an organization – A quality management approach” brings quality management to a new area of achieving and maintaining business objectives in the long run. A majority of the course is a hands-on learning of case studies and practical aspects of using ISO 9004:2009 to drive performance of an organization to long term success through value added auditing and appraisals. More …
Romayne Smith Fullerton is conducting two day tutorial at this year's Audit Division Conference
TUT 4 - Audit Interview: Learn Journalists' Secrets (Tues Oct 5th and Wed Oct 6th)
The craft of interviewing has been developed by experts from areas like consulting, human resources, and especially journalism. While the job of a journalist and that of an auditor is not identical, in essence both are trying to procure valuable information from sometimes reticent sources. This craft is more than 300 years old, and there is much for auditors to learn from those who have perfected this art. The Journalist Secrets workshop provides auditors with professional direction to increase their performance. More …
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Online Training
Can’t attend the tutorials but interested in these subjects? Enjoy the benefits of on-line training from locations all over the globe.
Web-based course descriptions and registration links:
The subscription period for both classes is from October 1, 2010 until December 17, 2010 inclusive. A schedule of virtual interactive sessions will be coordinated with the participants to accommodate individual requirements.
A description of each on-line course includes a registration link that will start your registration process and take you through to e-commerce.

Read the latest article on sustainability by Natalia Scriabina and Gary Cort in Aug 2010 issue of Quality Progress:
Sustainable Future ISO 9004:2009 sets the stage for long-term success

Read about the new international standard ISO 10244:2010, find a list of ISO documents on document and record management, and leave your comments and opinions.
ISO 10244:2010 “Document management -- Business process baselining and analysis”
The new international standard ISO 10244:2010 “Document management -- Business process baselining and analysis” was issued on July 16, 2010 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. More...
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