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All of us at CBG Inc. wish you a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season and a happy and prosperous new year.
We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you in the future.
As a gift to our customers we are happy to offer up to 40% Discount on the selected training courses designed for continual professional development of certified professionals:
Training Course Regular Price Dec 17 - Dec 21 2013
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savings of:
SAS11 Social Responsibility and ISO 26000:2010 $435.00 $390.00 6% Register Now!
BLSM93 Sustainable Development through Quality Management $225.00 $210.00 7% Register Now!
ELT12 Make Lean Happen $449.00 $315.00 30% Register Now!
CAC01 Audit Interview: Learn Journalists' Secrets $435.00 $283.00 35% Register Now!
PMN21 Project Management: Getting Things Done $435.00 $261.00 40% Register Now!
CAE14 Energy Management and ISO 50001 $225.00 $135.00 40% Register Now!
Use this opportunity to book your trainings at a discounted price between December 17 and 21 2013 and start your training at any time between January 2 and April 2 2014!
We are very proud of the quality of our training products. It has taken many years of development with the help of leading industry experts, consultants, and auditors. The list of our clients includes Hutch, EMC, Baker Hughes, Philibert Engineering, PC, Dispensing Dynamics International, Copperweld Bimetallics, LLC.
Warm holiday wishes,
Anna Banin
VP of Training
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